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  • Castle Rock
    We conduct Equine Infrared Inspections on Horses and other animals to survey for muscular / ligament / soft tissue deficiencies. The images we provide can be sent to your Vet for interpretation and diagnostic evaluation. Certified Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections CRT # 2014053104
    Tirso De Ubago,cio
    Cell Phone: 925-518-1124
    2244 Oak Grove # 3431
    Walnut Creek, CA 94598
    Bus. ID: 8686    Send E-mail     View Map

    Dr Nicole Rombach - Nicole Rombach Consulting
    Dr Nicole Rombach APM, MEEBW, CCBW, PG AM, MSc., PhD Equine and canine sports massage, myofascial release, spinal functional assessment and therapy, movement retraining, neuromuscular and core strength conditioning, Neurokinetic Therapy (horse, dog and rider). Veterinary liaison essential
    Nicole Rombach
    Petaluma, CA 94952
    Bus. ID: 9011    Send E-mail
    Dr Nicole Rombach/ Nicole Rombach Consulting
    Nicole Rombach
    Petaluma, Ca 94952
    Bus. ID: 9009    Send E-mail
    Infinity Equine Services
    Kathryn Kinderski
    Cell Phone: 752-9971
    560 Church Ave
    San Martin, CA 95046
    Bus. ID: 8771    Send E-mail