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Business Directory - Farriers - Central California
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  • Ball N Chain
    Leslie Morgan
    Marysville, CA 95901
    Bus. ID: 5001    Send E-mail
    Bryan Scheer Farrier - 20+ years experience
    Bryan Scheer
    Escalon, CA
    Bus. ID: 4645    Send E-mail
    Daniel A. Fraser
    Brigette Fay
    Cell Phone: 770-4419
    Coulterville, CA 95311
    Bus. ID: 5602    Send E-mail
    Falk's Farrier Service
    Robert Falk
    Cell Phone: 261-5174
    P.O. Box 146
    9945 E. Childs Ave.
    Planada, CA 95365
    Bus. ID: 4077    Send E-mail
    Gold Country Farrier Service
    Matthew Drikas
    6921 9th ave
    Rio Linda, CA 95673
    Bus. ID: 2721    Send E-mail
    High Country Horseshoeing
    Clay Elrod
    6248 Blue Mt. Rd.
    Wilseyville, CA 95257
    Bus. ID: 2277    Send E-mail
    Indian Creek Farrier Services
    Charles Gilliam
    2801 N Olive Ave
    Turlock, CA 95382
    Bus. ID: 7370    Send E-mail
    Jim's Farrier Service
    Jim Groesbeck
    Wilton, CA 95693
    Bus. ID: 6104    Send E-mail
    Joe Hawthorne Horseshoeing
    Joe Hawthorne
    Stockton, CA
    Bus. ID: 490    Send E-mail
    Jonathan Michka Horseshoeing
    Jonathan Michka
    Cell Phone: 209-202-2090
    8849 henry rd.
    Farmington, CA 95230
    Bus. ID: 5692    Send E-mail
    O'Hara Shoeing
    Patrick O\'Hara
    Clements, CA
    Bus. ID: 2847    Send E-mail