• Blooper Reel 2009!
  • Whoa Nelly! There goes 2009... Big giant "THANK YOUS" to everyone who was involved in the "2 Minute How To" videos; The BAEN family, the veterinarians and trainers who did such great jobs hosting, the viewers who provided great ideas for videos, and of course - the horses. After watching this year's Blooper reel, you'll see that we have WAAAY too much fun making these videos! Have a very "marey" Christmas and an "appy" New Year. Sorry... I'll try to cut back on the bad puns next year!

    Kathryn Lauritzen
    Padma Video

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    Developing Your Horse's Back: The Biomechanics of Engagement  
    Developing Your Horse's Back: The Biomechanics of Engagement 
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