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Today's News - Sunday, September 24, 2017
Registration for Online Horse Behavior, Safety Course Open
Members of Saddle Up Safely's partner organizations can receive a 10% discount on the registration fee.
UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Ashley Steuer, DVM
Steuer is conducting in vitro (in the laboratory) research on cultivating certain equine parasites.
Study: Oxytocin Does Not Cause Cardiac Changes in Mares
This is good news, researchers say, since oxytocin infusion is the best treatment for retained placenta in mares.
Bluegrass Equine Digest at 100
The monthly newsletter is dedicated to providing updates on research and information from UK's College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
Michigan Man Pleads Guilty to Fatal Barn Fire
A Michigan man has pleaded guilty to a barn fire that claimed the lives of 13 therapy horses earlier this year.
UK Gluck Center Welcomes Dr. Carrie Shaffer
Carrie Shaffer, PhD, is an assistant professor of microbiology and will conduct Rhodococcus research.
Insect Bite Hypersensitivity in Horses
Do you have an itchy horse? We have help! Check out our special report on sweet itch.
Unsound and Overweight Horses
Find out how you can keep your metabolically efficient horse healthy when he's laid up with injury or chronic illness.
Caring for Senior Horses: What to Remember
A vet tech shares tips on how to best manage aging equids' unique needs to keep them healthy and happy through their golden years.
UK Freshman Receives Legacy Equine Foundation Scholarship
Lexington native Dion Compton, an equine science and management and business minor, received an inaugural Legacy Equine Foundation scholarship.
Schoolmasters as School Horses
Do retired, well-schooled horses really make good beginners' horses?
It's All Academic Until it Happens to You
Veteran journalist and reporter Pat Raia shares her experiences preparing for and weathering Hurricane Irma.
How Horse Personality Impacts Learning
Scientists confirmed a link between equine personality and cognition style. Find out how that could impact how we train horses.
Book Proceeds to Help Fund EPM Research at Gluck Center
The Tale of Noel: The Holiday Horse Angel is author Kristen Halverson's second children's book.
UKVDL Map of the Month: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Affected horses can exhibit mild colic signs, jaundice, fever, depression, mild limb edema, and ataxia.
How to Bathe a Horse Like a Pro
Learn how to bathe a horse from Mari Valceschini, an FEI dressage competitor and assistant trainer at Natalie Perry Dressage, in Bend, Oregon.
Equine Hoof Care: The Flourishing Frog
The horse's frog is a highly adaptable structure that's crucial to hoof health. Here's what you need to know.
Sudden Conformation Change in an Aged Mare
A vet weighs in on what might cause a well-conformed senior mare to become over at the knee and fall during a ride.
New Navicular Bursa Injection Technique Validated
The ultrasound-guided technique allows veterinarians to see the needle entering the navicular bursa without hoof-wall interference.
Poll Recap: Horseless Times of Life
Of the 439 respondents, 348 (79%) said that they have been horseless at some point in their life.
FEI President Ingmar De Vos Elected as IOC Member
De Vos is the 13th FEI president and only the fourth to become an IOC member.
2017 BEVA Award Winners Announced
Awards were presented to veterinarians focusing on equine veterinary science, health, and welfare at the 2017 BEVA Congress, in Liverpool, U.K.
Gluck Center 30th Anniversary Celebration Schedule Released
The Gluck Equine Research Center is celebrating 30 years of legacy service to the equine community worldwide.
Shared Science: Human and Equine Health Similarities
Studying diseases across species can benefit horses as well as people.
Skin Issues That Affect Saddle Fit
Some sores, injuries, and infections can make saddling and riding a painful process for your horse. Here's what to watch for.
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