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Today's News - Saturday, October 01, 2016
Equine Parasite Control: What's New?
Horse deworming recommendations have changed. Get up-to-date with Dr. Martin Nielsen of the University of Kentucky.
Rabies in Horses: Preventable but Still Invariably Fatal
All mammals are susceptible to rabies, and once an animal is affected, the disease is invariably fatal. However, rabies prevention is easy.
Emergency Wild Horse Gather Underway in Nevada
The BLM said it will remove up to 60 wild horses from Goshute HMA due to insufficient water sources.
Eclipse Champion Hidden Lake Dead at 23
The 23-year-old daughter of Quiet American was euthanized Sept. 29 due to infirmities of old age.
Safe Longeing for Horse Health
This common exercise modality can be surprisingly risky; learn how to keep your horse--and yourself--safe.
Borell Takes Plea Deal in Horse Abandonment Case
Charles Borell entered an Alford plea, meaning he admitted no wrongdoing but accepted that prosecutors had sufficient evidence to convict him.
Protect Your Horse From Leptospirosis
Leptospirosis is a serious bacterial disease that causes both recurrent uveitis ("moon blindness")—especially in Appaloosas, draft horses, and Warmbloods—and abortion in horses. But now there's a vaccine to prevent it. Is your horse is at risk?
Additional Equine WNV Cases Reported Across Country
Cases were recently reported in Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Washington state.
U.S. House Passes Forest Service Trail Stewardship Act
The bill is designed to help improve trail maintenance without the need for additional funding.
Colorado Equine WNV Case Count Rises to 12
Cases have been confirmed in Larimer, Weld, LaPlata, Adams, Mesa, and Pueblo counties.
Santa Cruz County, California, Horses Displaced by Wildfire
Several horses have returned to their homes, but others remain at the county animal shelter and fairgrounds.
Storing Toxic Substances in Stables
Some products found on farms are flammable, toxic, or hazardous to human and animal health. Learn more about how to use, store, and discard them properly.
Help! Something Bit My Horse
Rabies is a concern when horses are bitten by unknown animals. Find out how to protect your horse.
Stifling the Pain
Find out how to get athletic horses with injuries to the large, complex stifle joint on the road to recovery.
Operation Gelding Receives Grants to Support Clinics
As a result, the program hopes to nearly double the number of clinics held and stallions gelded by 2018.
Tennessee Woman Accused of Maltreating Horses
Twenty-four horses are receiving rehabilitative care while their owner faces animal cruelty charges.
Conditioning Through the Seasons: Fall and Winter
Knowing how your horse's body reacts to colder temperatures--and training accordingly--can help you both stay productive during the chilly months ahead.
Poll Recap: Lepto-what?
Of the 458 respondents, 158 (34%) said they do not know what leptospirosis is.
Coalition of State Horse Councils' Fall Meeting Approaching
Representatives from state horse councils and the American Horse Council (AHC) will meet in Kansas City, Missouri, Oct. 28-30, for the annual Coalition of State Horse Councils fall meeting.
Wisconsin Horses Test Positive for EEE, WNV
There are now 11 EEE cases and seven WNV cases in Wisconsin horses thus far in 2016.
Infertility With No Cause? Try Hydrotubation of the Oviducts
Hydrotubation involves passing an endoscope through the cervix and uterus into the oviduct and flushing it with saline.
Equine Rabies: What You Should Know About this Fatal Disease
While the incidence of rabies is low, the fatality rate is high: 100%. Learn how to protect your horse.
Enter's "Why Does My Horse Do That?" Contest
A video of your horse's behavior could win an evaluation by Dr. Sue McDonnell and a prize pack from Zylkene Equine.
Protecting Your Horse From Poisonous Fall Leaves
Is it okay for my horse to eat leaves that have fallen from trees in his pasture?
Stolen Georgia Thoroughbred Found
'Henry' was found in a North Georgia pasture, more than 140 miles away from where he was allegedly stolen.
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