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Today's News - Thursday, November 23, 2017
Common OTTB Behavior Traits
I'm considering purchasing an ex-racehorse. Are there any common behavior problems seen in off-the-track horses I should be aware of?
Winter is Coming: Are Your Horses and Farm Ready?
Three equine professionals offer tips for preparing your animals, facilities, and yourself for the deep freeze ahead.
UK Extension Agents to Host 11th Pastures Please!! Workshop
The event will take place Jan. 22, 2018, at the Scott County Extension Office, in Georgetown, Kentucky.
Three Join AAEP Board of Directors
Duane Chappell, DVM; Foster Northrop, DVM; and Deborah Spike-Pierce, DVM, MBA, will serve three-year terms.
Macpherson Installed as 2018 AAEP President
Margo Macpherson, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACT, is a tenured professor of reproduction at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.
Oregon Equine Reproduction Specialist Named AAEP Treasurer
Lisa Metcalf, MS, DVM, Dipl. ACT, founding owner of Honahlee, PC, an equine reproduction facility in Sherwood, Oregon.
FEI, Glasgow Extend Equine Injury Research Agreement
The FEI and the University of Glasgow will further develop the Global Endurance Injuries Study.
Thrush Prevention
We have been getting a lot of rain and flash floods lately. My 13-year-old Paint gelding is out in the pasture year round, but he has a run-in for shelter. How do I treat thrush and how can I keep his feet dry?
Does Your Horse Have Healthy Hooves? Keep Them That Way
Consider the big picture--from farrier care and diet to environment and genetics--when maintaining your horse's feet.
Reducing Winter Colic Risk in Your Horse
Dr. Clair Thunes offers advice for preventing colic when the weather turns cold.
Colic Researcher Named Past Presidents' Research Fellow
Dr. Anje Bauck received the 2017 AAEP Foundation Past Presidents' Research Fellow for her research into equine colic surgery.
Sears Awarded EQUUS Foundation Research Fellow
Dr. Kelly Sears' equine piroplasmosis research resulted in the discovery of a new Theileria organism.
BI Announces 2017 Equine Research Award Recipients
The "Advancement in Equine Research Award" gives $45,000 for infectious disease research.
Poll Recap: Equine Acupuncture
Nearly half of the 475 respondents said they have had acupuncture performed on their horses.
Monday's Top Tweets From the 2017 AAEP Convention
Top tweets and take-homes from Monday's educational sessions and the AAEP President's luncheon.
Caring for Senior Horses in Cold Weather
Learn how to help older horses stay warm and maintain weight this winter.
Tips for Preparing Your Horse Barn for Winter
Check your hay supply, ensure water sources will remain thawed, be sure pasture fencing is secure, and more.
The Signs of Good Nutrition in Horses
Besides body condition scoring, how can you tell if your horse is getting enough nutrition? Dr. Clair Thunes explains.
Do Horses Need Hay Around the Clock?
A horse owner asks if she's feeding her horse enough hay often enough. Nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes responds.
The Latest on Feeding Laminitic Horses
If your horse falls into the at-risk category, consider these diet changes.
Sunday's Top Tweets from the 2017 AAEP Convention
Top tweets and take-homes from sessions on biosecurity, ethics, handling rank horses in the field, and more!
'UK at the Half' Features Ag Equine Programs Director
Dr. Mick Peterson talked about his journey to UK, the Gluck Equine Research Center, and how UK's equine related programs prepare graduates for careers in the horse industry.
Saturday's Top Tweets from the 2017 AAEP Convention
Top tweets from the opening session of the 2017 AAEP Convention in San Antonio.
Are You Riding a Lame Horse?
Nearly 75% of horses in a recent study had significant motion asymmetry, but were reportedly sound according to their owners.
Monthly Equine Wellness Tips
Find a year's worth of tips to keep your horse healthy in every season.
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