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Today's News - Thursday, October 19, 2017
The End of the Gray Horse Scourge?
A look at equine melanoma and the current state of vaccine research and development.
Grasping Insulin Resistance in Horses
Two leading researchers explain insulin's effects on the body and how to manage the IR horse.
Equine Rehab Therapies: How Do They Work?
A look at five noninvasive high-tech therapies--from lasers to ceramic-thread blankets--and how they might help horses heal.
Hoof Cracks and Lameness
Can a horse go lame because of extreme hoof cracks and not being trimmed regularly? If so, is there was anything you can do to reverse hoof cracks?
Coffin Bone Fractures
Your vet and farrier can help you devise a plan for managing a coffin bone fracture to give your horse the best chance for optimal recovery.
Study: Horse Hoof Problem Prevalence High
Out of nearly 1,000 randomly chosen horses, 85% had at least one hoof disorder visible during a regular farrier visit.
Managing Horses With PPID
Learn up-to-date, research-based information about early diagnosis and how to help care for your horse with Cushing's disease.
Equine OCD: Harmless Bone Lesion or Permanent Problem?
Leading researchers from around the world share their findings on this common joint disease of young horses.
Time-Saving Tips: Grooming, Riding, and Transporting Horses
Searching for extra horse time in your schedule? Our staff offers tips to help save time during your daily grooming, riding, and exercise routine.
Saving Horses From the Northern California Wildfires
As wildfires rage in California, owners in Sonoma County are working together to evacuate and care for horses.
Poll Recap: Managing Equine Arthritic Aches and Pains
Of the 515 respondents, 232 (45%) said they use joint supplements to help keep their arthritic horses comfortable.
Mild, Moderate EIPH Not Associated With Race Performance
However, more severe bleeding in the lungs was significantly associated with decreased racing performance.
Pasture Management 101: Drought, Excess Rain, and Erosion
Protect pastures by using rotational grazing and managing manure.
Horse Community Rallies While California Wildfires Rage
More than 500 horses were moved from the fire zone to fairgrounds evacuation sites in Sonoma County alone.
Fall Colic Prevention for Horses
Nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes shares advice on how to reduce your horse's risk of colicking this fall.
The Horse, Dechra Team for Bone and Joint Education
Look for equine bone and joint health resources Oct. 16-22 on
Horse Weight Management FAQs
There's a lot to consider when it comes to managing your horse's weight. Get answers to some frequently asked questions about equine weight management from an equine nutritionist.
Hidden Horse Farm Hazards
Are the stalls, fencing, and equipment on your horse property accidents waiting to happen? Download this free report for a list of potential hazards and solutions.
BLM Investigating Foal Deaths
Last week 22 foals became sick and died last week at the agency's Litchfield Corrals, near Susanville, California.
Breeding the Newly Retired Stallion
It can be a challenge to successfully turn a stallion from a champion athlete into a champion stud. But owners or handlers can take several reasonable steps to ensure a smooth and successful, by understanding both physical and behavioral demands.
Bill Would Outlaw Double-Decker Horse Trailers
Bipartisan legislation that would made it illegal to transport horses across state lines in double-decker trailers has been introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives.
Ontario Large Animal Rescue Course Taking Place Nov. 17-19
Topics will include fire and emergency preparedness, trailer safety, mud and trench rescue, livestock behavior in stressful situations, and more.
Equine Sex Chromosome Disorder Screening Test Validated
Researchers can now detect more than 90% of the chromosomal abnormalities in horses, including sex reversal syndrome.
What's New With Weaning?
Improve your foal's weaning experience with these research-based recommendations.
Equine Influenza Beyond Equids
Transmission of influenza viruses from one species to another can and does happen. Here's what to know.
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