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Today's News - Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Do Horses Need Vitamin D Supplementation?
If you live at northern latitudes, you might lack vitamin D. But what about your horse?
Trace Mineral Basics: Selenium
Selenium is required in very small amounts in the equine diet, but it has an important role in maintaining horse health.
Tips for Refeeding Malnourished Horses
Time, patience, and care are critical as full rehabilitation can take weeks, months, or even longer.
The ARK at JFK Equine, Livestock Export Center Now Open
The Equine and Livestock Export Center has 23 stalls, non-slip flooring, and high-quality hay and bedding.
International Jumping Officials' Club Signs MOU with FEI
The IJOC works closely with the FEI, national federations, and organizing committees of international jumping events.
Establishing Health Care Programs for Aging Horses
Recent large-scale surveys suggest clients want their veterinarians to provide more services for geriatric horses.
Robsham Stables, Mike Repole Sponsor Barn at New Vocations
The Robsham-Repole Barn is located at New Vocations' Mereworth Farm in Lexington, Kentucky.
Endurance Horses Test Positive for Banned Substances
Three horses tested positive for diisopropylamine, the first cases involving this vasodilating drug.
Life-Threatening Hyperkalemia in Horses
High blood potassium levels cause hyperkalemia. Here's what to watch for and how to treat this dangerous condition.
Think Before You Medicate Your Horse
Here's why it's important to reach out to your veterinarian before administering an NSAID to your horse.
Congress Members Ask for Anti-Soring Rule Approval
Passed just before the Trump administration took office, a clerical error led to the rule being put on hold, pending review.
Time-Saving Feeding Tips for Horse Owners
Here are a few ways to make feeding time more efficient without sacrificing your horse's dietary balance.
EEE, WNV Vaccinations Do Not Interfere With Disease Testing
None of the samples from recently vaccinated horses had antibody titers close to the value cutoff for true disease.
USEF to Host Workshop on Depo-Provera Use in Show Horses
Some veterinarians and horse owners use this synthetic progestin in an attempt to suppress or control estrus and related behaviors in mares.
Ontario Reports Two Confirmed Cases of EHM in Durham Region
Three other horses from the farm have tested positive for EHV-1 on nasal swabs but are not showing neurologic signs at this time.
Low Platelet Counts and Sick Foals: An Unlucky Combination
Researchers found an overall decreased survival rate in sick foals with thrombocytopenia.
Natural Disasters and Horses: Tips to Remember
Navigate natural disasters by conducting proper planning and research ahead of time and having patience during the aftermath.
Rabies Vaccine Efficacy Might Last Longer Than we Thought
This finding could help veterinarians manage owners of horses that have reacted adversely to the vaccine in the past.
Senators Ask USDA to Restore Records on APHIS Website
The senators say the public has the right to know if the Horse Protection Act has been violated and by whom.
BLM Calls Wild Horse Slaughter Article 'Fake News'
The BLM said, "The agency's policy is to not sell or send wild horses or burros to slaughter and there has been no congressional direction to the contrary."
The Veterinarian's Role in Equine Cruelty Prosecutions
The equine veterinarian is the prosecutor's most important resource and witness in these cases, one attorney said.
Are You Ready for Spring?
Join The Horse's Countdown to Spring Challenge and get your horses and farms ready for warmer weather!
MSTN Gene: Not Just for Evaluating Racehorse Potential
The gene appears to affect horses' muscular ability to carry out physically demanding movements, such as the tolt in Icelandics.
An Inside Look at Przewalski's Horse Hooves
Researching wild and feral horse hooves helps us better understand domestic horse hoof health.
Tow a Horse Trailer Much?
Here's a guide to buying a vehicle to haul your horses.
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