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"What we can learn from horses is infinitely more valuable that what we can teach them."

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Today's News - Monday, November 20, 2017
Are You Riding a Lame Horse?
Nearly 75% of horses in a recent study had significant motion asymmetry, but were reportedly sound according to their owners.
Monthly Equine Wellness Tips
Find a year's worth of tips to keep your horse healthy in every season.
Should I Fatten My Horse Up Before Winter?
Learn the correct body condition score for a horse going into the cold months from Dr. Clair Thunes.
Alternative Fiber Sources for Horses
Hay cubes, complete feeds, and forage byproducts can help horse owners stretch their hay supplies as fall and winter approach if traditional forage becomes scarce.
FEI: Two Horses Test Positive for Banned Substances
An endurance horse and a jumping horse tested positive for ractopamine and o-desmethyltramadol, respectively.
Avoiding Antimicrobial Resistance in Hospitalized Horses
Resistant infections were most common in horses coming out of surgery and that have had previous antibiotic treatment.
UK to Host 2018 Equine Showcase, Breeders' Short Course
Presenters will cover topics including safety, horse welfare, equine reproduction, horse management, and more.
Unwanted Horse Coalition to Participate in #GivingTuesday
The UHC will host an #UNselfie contest to promote giving and gelding on the global day of philanthropy.
How Does Forage Keep Horses Warm?
Dr. Clair Thunes explains how eating hay and the digestion process helps keep horses warm.
Attack of the Rabid Fox
A horse owner captured a video of a fox in his horse pasture, but then the fox attacked. Find out what saved his horses.
EIA: What's the Big Deal?
Find out where veterinarians are seeing an uptick in equine infectious anemia cases.
Freezing Equine Embryos is Getting More Practical
Study results revealed promising pregnancy rates with embryos that weren't frozen in a laboratory but in a breeding barn.
From the Ground Up
Safe and smart groundwork can help build the foundation for a confident, well-behaved horse.
Considering a Horse's Quality of Life
An owner describes how she made the difficult decision to euthanize her "heart horse" based on his quality of life.
Technology Connecting Veterinarians, Clients
Telemedicine is growing in popularity among veterinarians and clients, but it doesn't come without risks.
UHC Publishes Estate Planning Guide
The guide compares trusts and wills, the different trust types, as well as other considerations to keep in mind such as registration papers and medical records for the horse, equipment, land, and your equine business.
Researchers Connect the Dots on Spotted Coat Color Genetics
Base coat color and horse sex appear to play significant roles in spotting patterns, researchers learned.
Putting the Tractor Before the Horse
Must-know info when buying a tractor for your horse property.
Swayback in a Young Horse
A young horse's swayback is getting worse as he ages. A veterinarian shares insight on why this might be.
USEF Adds Autofill to Online MPA Disclosure Form
Equestrians must report MPA (or Depo-Provera) administration within 90 days before a USEF-licensed competition.
Selenium and Cribbing: Is There a Relationship?
Researchers found that the cribbers in their study were deficient in selenium.
Study Confirms Common Shoeing Interval Benefits Horses
The traditional four- to six-week interval aligns perfectly with what's going on physiologically in the horse's hoof.
Reward Offered in Florida Horse Shooting
A Florida woman hopes the offer of a $2,000 cash reward will help police locate whoever shot and killed her horse in a pasture near Jacksonville.
Poll Recap: Does the Time Change Affect Your Horse Schedule?
Of the 702 respondents, 293 (42%) said they ride less when the clocks fall back to standard time because it's dark when they get home in the evening.
Asiatic Wild Ass Returns to Kazakhstan's Central Steppes
For the first time in more than a century, kulan (or Asiatic wild ass) are residing on the central steppes of Kazakhstan.
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